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Employment Agency Toronto: What Should You Anticipate?

Finding the right job is not always easy. It needs extensive preparation as well as time before you can land yourself a job that is surely right for you. Again, very few people actually want to continue with a job for life. Employees are known to switch jobs frequently to advance their careers as well.

Job hunting is not a long line road though. Career counselors often recommend taking the help of friends and job boards for finding the vacancies that would match your talents. However, it is also advisable to seek assistance from a leading employment agency Toronto too. Remember that a placement agency’s task is not limited to forwarding your CV to a prospective employer. It can help you to prepare for the interview and get you ready for the job market thereby ensuring your success.

Be wary of being duped by the agencies who demand money for their service though. A job agency is usually paid by the employer for sourcing candidates and finding the right employee to fill the vacancy. The candidates are important additions to the agency’s database and should not be asked to pay for being considered to be fit for employment.

Well, you might find that you are actually sending your resume to an employment agency Toronto instead of the employer when you apply via a job board. No issues! It is all perfectly legal and above board. The agency will be considering you for the vacancy if your skills and expertise match the job vacancy though. Do not wait with your inbox open with enthusiasm once you send the application though.

Things to expect after sending the application

Confirmation – You are sure to receive a mail acknowledging your application almost instantly. Do not get your hopes up though. This is a common courtesy and every single applicant would be receiving a similar mail.

Discussion – Be prepared to receive a call or another email from the recruiter at the agency soon after. You will either have to make time for a telephonic interview or visit the offices of the employment agency Toronto at a specified time. The discussion will be detailed and you will be asked to describe your skills and expertise stating the reason for considering yourself to be a perfect candidate for the concerned vacancy. Your future plans and career goals will also be included in the discussion. The recruiter will also discuss multiple vacancies with you that are deemed to be a close fit for your profile. Do agree for allowing the agency to forward your resume for the other openings as well, if you find the offers good enough. However, it will be wise to inform the agency if you have already applied for the positions through another source.

Feedback – You may have created your CV painstakingly taking care to include every detail. Yet the recruiter may advise you to revise or fine tune it in keeping with the expectations of the present day employers in your chosen field / industry. Do not deter to do it though as it will help you to enhance your future prospects.

Interviews – You may be contacted for an interview with the agency once your CV is accepted by the employer. The preparatory interview will serve as a rehearsal for the final ne where the recruiter will advise you of the do’s and don’ts and also inform you about the work culture there. You will be asked to contact the employment agency Toronto post the interview and share your feedback. You will be given a feedback from the recruiter’s end, if unsuccessful so that you can prepare for the next interview in a better manner.