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Washington State LGBTQ2S+ Job Board For Supply Chain Careers

Washington State LGBTQ2S+ Job Board For Supply Chain Careers


Published May 11, 2023

A growing recognition of the importance of DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) within workplace environments in recent years continues to benefit both employers and employees; however, some professionals from LGBTQ2S+ populations can still face challenges. The newly launched WorkplaceDiversity job board overcomes recruitment challenges for job seekers and fills employee deficits for employers by directly connecting candidates with companies committed to DEI.

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Professionals in Washington who specialize in supply chain work and are part of the LGBTQ2S+ community can now find a full range of supply chain job listings on the WorkplaceDiversity platform in hundreds of different capacities.

It wasn’t long ago that members of LGBTQ2S+ populations faced significant barriers – and difficult disclosure decisions – when seeking employment. Forward-thinking organizations now understand that a diverse workplace prevents groupthink, alleviates stagnated business processes, and contributes to more creative internal initiatives and external problem solving for increased productivity. With the launch of the WorkplaceDiversity job board, members of the LGBTQ2S+ community in the state of Washington can instantly connect with employers in the supply chain sector for rewarding employment opportunities.

“Recruitment and retention are becoming top priorities for many companies post-pandemic, and going forward,” says Director Royce Watkins of WorkplaceDiversity. “By partnering with our platform, both employers and employees can achieve their professional goals.”

The WorkplaceDiversity platform features an intuitive interface that instantly points job seekers toward their desired listings. Users simply fill in the job category and location fields to generate hundreds of companies searching for talent. Available jobs span entry-level to CEO positions, and the platform allows the job seeker to apply instantly or save the job for future contact.

Moreover, WorkplaceDiversity allows employers to engage job candidates with a number of listing benefits that include their company profile and logo, contact information, website, video, and social media pages. They can also highlight certain jobs by having them posted at the top of search results and on the job seeker home pages and can have their company and logo featured at the top of the WorkplaceDiversity landing page for instant exposure.

Companies in Washingtons supply chain sector looking for top talent, and employment seekers who identify as part of the LGBTQ2S+ can meet their respective goals by signing on with the WorkplaceDiversity job board for instant and direct access to valuable hiring opportunities.

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