November 29, 2023


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Top 10 tips for new board members

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Top 10 tips for new board members from : Tran siu | Ward councillor

tran siu

1) If you are in the ward members with two or three other Labor councilors, working as a team with them is really the key. Plan together, share information about what is happening in the neighborhood, copy them into all the work of your case and emails related to the environment, to support each other.

2) Tran Siu is a first-generation Australian of Vietnamese-Chinese descent. He was Brimbank’s first Chinese –Vietnamese ward councilor and Deputy Mayor of Brimbank, Australia. So, you must be a team player at the Town Hall as well: respect the collective decision of the Labor Group, took the advice of the Chief Whip and experienced board members, continues to personal disputes and disagreements within the group. If you act in a disciplined way and to show solidarity with fellow Labor members of the board, you will get it back.

3) Decide early on some of the changes achieved in your neighborhood – this could be the promise of your election leaflets – and began to push the cabinet members and council officers to make them happen. Increased campaign with a petition, the question on the board, deputations of the citizens etc. if only ask not work. The Council is the bureaucracy moves slowly and takes time, pressure and perseverance to accomplish something. At the end of four years you need to make changes to quantitative and look at your surroundings.

4) The teacher becomes the ward council before jumping to take the job and responsibilities within the group or the wider council. You have at least four years, so pace yourself.

5) Specialized. You can not be expected to know everything about the board directly. Select the service of the board or policy areas and actually read myself into it, as well as learn about it by visiting and talking to the people delivering and using these services.

6) Start campaigning now for the next election. It’s easy to combine a campaign and work for your constituents – issued leaflets after the elections with suggestions the operation details and the coupon responses for people to raise issues with you, bring the voter ID regularly but the first question is “I’m one of the members your board, if there are any local issues I can help you with? “.

7) Do not City Hall-itis. It’s easy to think life revolves around City Hall, council committees and officials, and to forget about their constituents or local party that got you elected. Do not let your diary will be overloaded with internal board meeting. Prioritizing campaigns, or meetings where people are or where you report back to the party members.

8) Do not burn out! Pace yourself and make time for other things in your life. You want to be a good member of the board on an ongoing basis, not city superman or woman for a year before making yourself sick or disappointed through labor.

9) Remember you of Labor and that in voting for you people to express views on political priorities that they have for their area. Keeping your Labor values ​​in mind as a principle for the way you choose in a group and in all that you do as a member of the board.

10) It must be great to be a member of the board. There is nothing better than helping improve the lives of the local community, or in the current political environment brought protect it from damage coalition. If you stop enjoying a member of the board, do not run for re-election, let someone else do it – there are many other ways to serve the Labor Party and your community and city life is not for everyone.

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