December 11, 2023


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Tips for Creating a Voice Over Sample Demo

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To start a career as a Voice Talent or to get the first project, what is needed is a good Demo containing Voice Sample, for more information : find professional voice over online

The demo that will be heard by Voice Agent, Client or for submission to Voice Over Market Place, so the Demo must be good and neat both in terms of audio quality and editing of recordings.

1. Script / Script

Yes, we need a script for our material to record the Voice Over Demo, there are some tips for choosing or creating a script.

The first is to select a short, solid and convenient way to say the reason is that most of the producers, Casting Agent or Client only listen to the initial 10-15 seconds so try to make it brief.

Second is to choose a script that describes our voice character, for example, if our voice is heavy or we can voice acting then we can choose a script such as film trailers or animated film scripts.

2. Recording

To record Voice Over we can rent Recording Studio in the area we live in, but we also need to prepare a budget for studio rental fees. Or we can record ourselves at home with the equipment we have, such as laptops, USB microphones, headphones and rooms that have good acoustics.

3. Editing

There are several editing software or software that we can use to record and edit narrative recordings. For beginners we recommend using Software that is indeed Freeware (Free) or Software that already exists on our computer’s Operating System.

4. Pre-Marketing

After we pass the Recording & Editing stage, we are ready to market the Voice Over Demo. Make sure we also have prepared some supporting files for our Marketing process such as:

a. Photos, avoid personal photos with styles or poses that we use on social media such as Facebook or Twitter. Remember, even though what we sell is our voice, but the Producer, Casting Agent or Client sees our Profile through a new avatar, then they click on our Voice Over Demo. So try to use photos that are interesting and look professional.

b. Profile, profile file in the form of text that contains a description of our voice, our experience and seriousness in pursuing Voices Business.

c. Voice Over Demo Files, of course this is very important. Prepare 2 file formats namely WAV and MP3. Rename the file with our name then fill the file. Example: Jack_VoiceOver_Demo.mp3

Why MP3s are important, because small size makes it easy for us to send Demo Files through limited media such as email. Then WAV is needed when prospective Producer, Casting Agent or Client requires files with better audio resolution.

5. Marketing

After everything is ready, we can start marketing our Voice Over Demo through Social Media Professionals such as LinkedIn, Sound Cloud to put audio files for Demo Voice Over and YouTube (the biggest Search Engine no.2 after Google).

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