November 30, 2023


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Tips for Choosing a Quality Motivator

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Recently the motivator profession has been increasingly sought after by people, especially those who are financial freedom seekers, because there is only excessive capital, with a large number of visitors, a fantastic income can be earned in a day, for more information : Karren Brady speaker

Various kinds of tools and topics are made and chosen by the motivator to attract the interest of visitors and as a means of socializing ideas or their knowledge. From starting to talk about marketing, economics, stocks, foreign exchange, beauty, lifestyle, and a thousand other kinds, for more information : motivational speakers London

But there are also many participants or visitors to a disappointed seminar or workshop after participating in the motivator’s event several times, and even felt they had been deceived or cheated and fooled.

From several forums, some even berated a capital market motivator as a cheater and brag who made bankruptcy of the participants. Even if you follow the rules according to the standard rules of financial science, without having to take part in the training of the motivator, the seminar participants concerned can succeed and may even be better than the motivator himself.

Departing from these concerns, we provide a few tips that might be useful for filtering out the boast motivators and which ones don’t:

Avoid speakers who like to show off showing off their wealth or often spread charm and spread charity such as throwing / distributing large amounts of money to the public, showing off collections of luxury cars, and so on. This person is nothing more than a cheater-style boast on the Sudirman pedestrian bridge.
Don’t believe in motivators who often say something outside common sense, especially the logic of science and rules of science that can be accounted for. Never digest something from a speaker outright, learn also from the point of view of science and scholarship, and try to see and learn from various perspectives, believing only in one person’s speech is the way of error.
See and discuss what the motivator said and said whether he practiced in his daily life or not. Because there are hypocritical motivators but there are also motivators who are truly in line and in harmony with words and deeds. There is someone who always says that he gets a beautiful body from the results of exercise, even though the surgeon swore to swear at the person because the person covered up the fact that his beautiful body shape was the result of liposuction surgery.

Actually there are still many other tips, but we see at least three of the above are the main things that you should pay attention to in assessing and choosing to join a course or seminar so that the money does not only enrich the speaker but also enrich your life.

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