May 19, 2024


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Temporary residents resorting to bribes, fake jobs to stay

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Temporary residents resorting to bribes, fake jobs to stay

What’s a person looking for a chance to become a permanent resident to do?

Already in Canada but with work permits expiring, many temporary residents are facing limited prospects for permanent residence under the federal government’s scoring system. The rankings are supposed to be based on personal attributes such as age, education and language proficiency, which count for points.

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Peter Veress, who has worked in the immigration consulting industry for 27 years, says having migrants paying recruiters and employers for job offers is not new but it’s become more open because recent policy changes have made temporary foreign workers more desperate.

Waiting for a shot at residence

‘I can see those doors closing in’

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Calgary immigration consultant Mohamed Negmeldin says unscrupulous agents and employers would advertise job offers on social media such as TikTok and YouTube to prey on vulnerable foreign workers.

Warning about temporary workers