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Steps and How to Write a Paper

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Definition Paper

Definition of terms of actual Paper is paper. While the difference is the goal and the elements in it. Compared to paper in general, paper elements more. Most people are, making paper is as one job to fulfill the task of lectures given by professors in order to meet simultaneously the knowledge level of the students, who in certain subjects be obtained.

Write a paper (not paper craft) can be regarded as a work of scientific papers which have a close relationship in the world of education. Sometimes we equate the paper with paper. Though they are different. Well, to get to know and understand about the paper further, the admin will try to explain the things that need to be noticed in the making of paper that can be a good and correct paper. Here’s the explanation. will help you to guide how to write a good paper.
In this case, the elements are grouped in three categories of paper that has a function and their role in their respective, essentially contain the following things, did not rule out definitely slipped another part that is considered important:

1. Title and Author Name
In any scientific work there must be the name of the identity of the authors. I think it is not necessary I describe further.

2. Abstract
Abstract is a summary of the overall content or paper that has been created, but it summed up into one paragraph long and usually takes one page to satisfy the abstract to be very short (obviously).

3. Introduction
Introduction Introduction or on a paper, usually containing writings outline of the issues to be discussed, on a paper contains only a brief description of the issue or matter to be discussed, why and what purpose in the problem. Usually contain the following

A clear description of the problem and the purpose of the paper manufacture.
Show / tell why this issue is important, challenging and exciting to be discussed (motivation).
Slightly short review and clear on previous research, so that became the basis of our research (scope).
Indicate gaps / problems that exist in previous studies, in order to be a question that will be completed in our research.
Write clearly the proposed solution (proposed approach) and how he can overcome the problems we mentioned earlier (solution).
Write the invention produced globally (result).
Then write down the structure of writing subsequent parts (outline).
4. Related Research
In general, a paper there is a review of the previous studies that serve as a reference to the underlying pieces of literature in the creation of a paper.

5. Methodology
A good paper should be no review of what the methodology and its use in the manufacture of scientific work. Usually explained by drawing or chart as the aim to facilitate the understanding of the reader in understanding the content of paper. Explain the description of each piece in the picture if there is.

6. Experiment and Results
This is an important part of a paper, the data on the experiment, an experiment or research that we’re doing to something like the data to be used, the amount of data, sources and so forth. Need a little accuracy is good, because some of the fundamental things that will be outlined in a paper.

7. Troubleshooting
Solving this point is things or issue that you want to say from the research that has been done. All containing interesting ideas or ideas on an issue of what is to be conveyed to the reader and is usually in the form of opinions or suggestions.

8. References
Do not forget to include any reference that helps you in making a paper. Should provide clear information related sources or references obtained. Included in the list of related paper work, book or resource that supports the Completion of our research.

Write a paper for me, For the final project proposal simply use point No. 1, 3, 4, 5, and 8, in the methodology more in clarifying the input and output in each process. But usually been adapted to the given template of the university itself.

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