April 25, 2024


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SEO Tips That Make Booming In 2018

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Increase page speed to increase rankings
Google has just announced July 2018, the speed of mobile pages will be a ranking factor for its mobile search results.

The page speed also has a significant impact on the user experience, and some aspects of the user experience are also a direct ranking factor, for more information please visit : benefits of hiring an seo company

Studies show that faster visitors will stay, in many cases, more of them will switch to paying customers compared to visitors on slower websites.

Most people have a tremendous opportunity for improvement in this field because they do not realize how bad their website performance is.

If that’s true, it must be phenomenal; However, it is actually approaching thirty seconds, according to the tests performed using several different tools.

Some ways to increase page speed include:

Invest in high-performing web hosting.
Reduce http calls by combining CSS and JavaScript files, removing WordPress plugins and using sprites.
Apply server caching, browser cache and Gzip compression.
Cutting CSS and JavaScript files.
Utilize a personal brand to build links
If you have been managing your website for a long time, you may have received many link requests, and accordingly this is a safe bet since most of them may be terrible.
Cold link spreading is very challenging, and generally you do not generate many links with respect to the number of emails you send. This is because you are asking for something from strangers before building rapport, which is an almost sure disaster prescription. Building an effective link depends on relationships, not violence and volume.

Rather than cold link outreach, a more effective strategy is to develop a personal brand that people want to connect with. This is easier because the number of jobs, done consistently over a relatively long period of time.

However, once you develop a personal brand, it’s easier to capitalize on the kind of relationship you’ll develop later, to build links efficiently. In fact, if your personal brand becomes strong enough, people will often connect to your content without you asking.

Some ways you can develop a personal brand include:

Create branded profiles consistently on major social networks.
Regularly share valuable content from others in your industry, along with your insights on it.
Engage with your audience, both below and above your stature in your industry.
Regularly publish amazing content both on your own website and in industry publications and high-end business publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur and Fast Company.

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