May 22, 2024


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Professional Truck Driver Becomes Target

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Finding a heavy vehicle driver like a truck is not easy. Moreover, the driver is required as a professional worker, who knows very well how to run a vehicle with such a large weight. This is what happened in the United States. Most of the businessmen there recruit all year to find a reliable truck driver, but get unsatisfactory results, for more information : best trucking companies

According to Aston Brett, Career Consultants from Career Daily, recruiting good truck drivers can be likened to looking for a needle in a haystack. Sometimes, the specifications requested by the company cannot be fulfilled by applicants. “The applicants who came only knew how to drive a truck. However, they do not understand further about safety driving, especially for heavy vehicles, “said Brett.

As reviewed by Trucking News recently, based on Career Daily data, vacancies for truck drivers in the US until mid-2013 reached 122,775 opportunities. However, what the company can get is very minimal, only 6.7 percent of the needs are there.

“The position of the truck driver is the fourth position that is the most difficult to get by the company. No wonder, over time, the profession can become a very prestigious position, because of the high demand, “said Brett Aston.

Further revealed, it is difficult to fill vacancies as truck drivers in the US because the drivers are required to have good knowledge in the areas of transportation, area recognition, road safety, vehicle maintenance skills and many other things.

“In addition to the fact that there is a lack of driver supply, transport companies also feel the same thing which causes a reduction in the number of operating fleets,” said Bob Costello, chief economist at ATA. The transportation truck driver’s scarcity of supply has been felt since 2006.

Licensed Driver
ATRI in its research recommends that transport entrepreneurs cooperate with the government to develop a licensed driver education system to attract the interest of prospective young drivers to pursue a profession as a truck driver. This activity is also suggested to collaborate with the Ministry of Manpower to hold a recruitment program for young drivers.

“The ability to identify the right partners and implement effective strategies will help overcome complaints of scarcity of truck drivers facing the industry,” said Chris Spear, Chief Executive ATA.

“This may be different from the conditions in developing countries. To fill vacancies as truck drivers, not much is requested by the company. Usually, the driver’s knowledge of driving safety is also low. No wonder the number of accidents caused by heavy vehicles is quite high, “reviewed Brett Aston.

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