December 2, 2023


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‘Lazy Girl Jobs,’ Why More Workers Are Staying Put And Lizzo’s Hostile Workplace Lawsuit

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‘Lazy Girl Jobs,’ Why More Workers Are Staying Put And Lizzo’s Hostile Workplace Lawsuit

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“Quiet quitting.” “Bare minimum Mondays.” What many of these workplace trends have in common is that they reject hustle culture and toxic company practices. What’s the next one? As you may have heard, it’s “lazy girl jobs.” The phrase describes Gen Z’s move toward jobs that have flexible hours, decent pay and remote work options—jobs that support work-life balance.

Contributor Bryan Robinson looks at how the movement prevents worker burnout and benefits employees. Meanwhile, as a result of work-life balance, companies are seeing retention rates rise and job satisfaction at its highest level since 1987, according to data from nonprofit think tank The Conference Board.

If you’re at a job with that work-life harmony and a generous PTO policy, prepare to adjust your days off; Taylor Swift dropped new U.S. tour dates. And if your job lacks that balance, there are ways to improve it.

Below, find more career advice and the latest workplace news, including a workplace-related lawsuit against musician Lizzo.


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How ‘Lazy Girl Jobs’ Contribute To Work-Life Balance And Burnout Prevention

It’s one of the latest workplace buzz phrases. “Lazy girl job” is a response to hustle culture and describes Gen Z’s preference for flexible, low-stress jobs that support work-life balance. Contributor Bryan Robinson explores the benefits, and reminds us there’s nothing “lazy” about preventing burnout.


News from the world of work

Worker retention is on the rise: Have we entered The Big Stay? Job satisfaction is at its highest since 1987, and retention rates are also up. From work-life balance to job stability, senior contributor Tracy Brower looks at why.

Lizzo faces lawsuit over sexual harassment and toxic workplace claims: Three of Lizzo’s former stage dancers are suing the pop star, accusing the four-time Grammy Award winner of violating California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act by subjecting dancers to sexual harassment and creating a hostile work environment. Lizzo denies the allegations as “false.”

Are you too obsessed with loving your work?: Pursuing your passions isn’t overrated. But there does need to be some balance. Contributor Kathy Miller Perkins has advice.

Musk offers to cover legal fees for people fired over Tweets: Billionaire Elon Musk—the owner of X, previously known as Twitter—made a broad offer in a tweet late Saturday night, saying the platform will fund legal fees for people who “were unfairly treated” by their employers because of something they posted or liked on X.

Meeting overwhelm: Remote and hybrid work has created an explosion of virtual meetings, and meeting overload can quickly cause stress—impacting productivity. Here are ways to increase meeting productivity and boost engagement.

How Forbes determines the America’s Best Employers By State list: To help you find a top employer—and to better equip companies to evaluate their performance and peers—Forbes will publish its annual list of America’s Best Employers By State on August 22. Senior contributor Rachel Rabkin Peachman describes the process.


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That’s how much Taylor Swift gave Eras Tour truck drivers in their bonuses.

Ahead of wrapping up the first U.S. leg of her high-grossing Eras Tour, Taylor Swift made news for giving large bonuses—including $100,000 thank you gifts to her truckers—to her crew members.


Which mega YouTuber is being sued for $100 million for failing to honor contractual obligations and interfering with business?

  1. MrBeast
  2. Markiplier
  3. Jake Paul
  4. Unspeakable

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