Items you must highlight in your resume

A Resume is a document that contains information about us. It is often required by employers and in some cases, educational institutions, especially when we are applying for postgraduate degrees. It is possible to read resume services reviews and subsequently settle for one of the companies to help you review your resume when you are through to ensure that it is properly written. Some items are important and should be very prominent in your resume. These items are discussed subsequently

Personal Information

It is very important to add your personal information to your resume. Even though less emphasis is paid by some companies on personal information like your state of origin and your date of birth, it is still important that you add them. Those who do not need it can ignore it, while those who need it would at least be able to see it. Your address, phone number, and email address are also part of your personal information that must be there. It should be easy to find these details so that they can contact you when they have to.

Educational Information

Your educational information also makes up a major part of your resume. The schools you have attended, the certification you got from the school and in which field. If possible, you should also add your grades where applicable. This is considering that some company only send interview invites to those that have achieved a particular grade. It should be easy to know if you qualify or not. If you do not add it, you might not be invited even if you could have met their condition in that regard.

Working Experience

Your working experience is also very important. Depending on the role you are applying for, the company might need someone with some years of experience in that position for a senior or managerial role. If you forget to add your working experience, it would be assumed you have not and you might not make the shortlist.

Research Works

If you have carried out any research works or projects, you should also list them. The company will be interested in these details, especially when they are the same or similar to the type of research and project the company is involved in.

The company would love to know what your skills are. Your skills are what the company requires. They want to know what you can do and what you can’t do. Where your skills match the requirement for that post, you can be sure you would get an invite for further interviews. You should, however, be very truthful with all the information you provide in your resume so that you can defend them during the interview.

Hobbies are also important in your resume, where they are relevant. When you are employing for an engineering role, putting dancing as your hobby might not be necessary. However, if you have hobbies related to the role, you might want to add them.

The company would want to carry out a background check on you. Your references provide information about people the can easily reach. Your references could include your former lecturers in school or former employers. Your references could also be contacted if they can’t reach you after you have been employed or admitted.