May 22, 2024


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Is Dating your Friend a Good Idea?

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It can really be tiring and frustrating to go from one date to another but fail to connect with any of them. So, you go and tell your best friend about the misery of dating and they are always there to bear with your drama, which leaves you asking yourself whether you should just date your friend instead.

But is this really a good idea?

Is Dating your Friend a Good Idea

The Positive Side

It’s not weird to consider dating your friend and there are positive sides of dating your friend too.

First, you became friends for a reason and that may be because they are fun to be with, you always have a good time together, you have shared interests and have a lot in common, so you no longer need to get to know them more. It’s the opposite when you date a complete stranger.

Second, being friends will make you feel comfortable with each other already because there is no need to hide your true colors to impress them as you know you are accepted. You both know each other’s attitudes, strengths, weaknesses, etc.

Most of all, you know that you will always have respect for each other because friends would never want to hurt each other, right?

The Risky Side

However, dating your friend can entail risks, especially to your friendship. You must realize that if you switch from “friend zone” to “lover ville”, everything can change. There have been a lot of incidents that involved compromised friendships because one side expressed love to their friend. Aside from the changes that will happen to your friendship, it can be pretty hard to muster the courage to tell your friend about your feelings.

So, is dating your friend a good idea? The answer depends on 3 factors.

One, do you really like your friend romantically and distinguish this feeling from the care you feel for them as a friend? You can’t just decide to date your friend out of frustration because of your failed dates.

Two, does your friend also have feelings for you? Do they feel the same for you? If they don’t, this is the awkward part because they might feel uncomfortable around you. This is why, it may be a good idea to look out for hints first.

Three, if both of you have feelings for each other and you are ready to take the risk even if there is a possibility it might not work out for both of you, then go for it. Just make sure you discuss everything with them. You have to be sure what you are signing up for.

If dating your friend ended up not being a good idea, there is still no reason to give up on dating. You can always start meeting new people you can date online by visiting Create your profile now!

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