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How You Can Land A High-Paying Entry-Level Job At A U.S. Company

How You Can Land A High-Paying Entry-Level Job At A U.S. Company

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a total of 353,000 new positions were added to the job market in January, 2024. It’s a job hunter’s market, and applicants are enjoying wider choices when it comes to hiring, plus they get to enjoy a greater range of salaries. Job seekers are searching for positions that offer high-paying positions with other benefits such as low stress, requiring only an associate degree, tailored just for introverts or high-paying women-led jobs. Now companies are listing high-salaried jobs for entry-level candidates.

High-Paying Entry-Level Jobs

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs that require at least five years of experience pay two times more than those with no experience requirement. But there are a handful of major companies offering highly competitive salaries above the median average wage for entry-level positions. Most of these lucrative jobs are with large healthcare, finance and retail companies. In a new study, CashNetUSA analyzed regional job listings and ranked large companies based on the percentage of entry-level jobs that pay the best in the U.S. Here are the top 15 entry jobs above median pay that offer the highest compensation for the least experience:

  1. Tenet Healthcare
    Corporation. 87.8%
  2. Citigroup, Inc. 82.4%
  3. Bank of America
    Corporation. 80.2%
  4. Target. 79.7%
  5. AT&T
    Inc. 76.0%
  6. Verizon Communications
    Inc. 74.9%
  7. Tesla
    Inc. 70.3%
  8. Amazon
    . 66.8%
  9. Lockheed Martin
    Corporation. 66.0%
  10. Tyson Foods
    Inc. 65.6%
  11. Pepsico Inc. 65.2%
  12. Thermo Fisher Scientific
    Inc. 53.2%
  13. Arby’s. 46.1%
  14. Wells Fargo
    & Company. 42.9%
  15. Walgreens Boos Alliance. 38.8%

How to Secure an Entry-Level Job

Entering the world of work or a new industry can be an adventure—but it can also be stressful if you look at it as a problem to solve. What will the interview be like? Who will conduct it? Or will I be able to be on the top of my game? Matt Pelkey recommends giving yourself the best shot at finding employment quickly. Pelkey—senior lead content strategist at Enova (CashNetUSA’s parent company)—suggests these five steps to make an impression and stand out above the competition.

  1. Build your network. “You’re never too young to start networking. Let family and friends know you are looking for work and join industry events and online communities. You may find a connection that can provide you with interesting opportunities or even an introduction to an employer.”
  2. Polish your resume and cover letter for each job. “Employers get a lot of applications for entry-level positions. Stand out by referring to the employer by name in your letter, mentioning something you respect about the company. And adapt your resume to make it easy for them to spot the parts that are relevant to the position.”
  3. Highlight your transferable skills. “If you lack direct experience or qualifications, draw attention to your other skills and achievements and illustrate how they apply to the job at hand. For example, accomplishments such as captaining a sports team or excelling at school debates demonstrate your confidence and communication skills.”
  4. Practice being interviewed. “If you don’t have much experience in job interviews, a little preparation can help you seem more professional. Ask your school or college careers advisor for help, or prepare a list of common questions and practice answering them with a friend.”
  5. Follow up with a call or email. “Remind the employer that you’re personable and highly motivated by sending a thank you note and addressing it by name.”

“Few entry-level jobs will make you rich, but finding the right role in the right place can make a significant difference to how much you bring home,” Pelkey points out. “Good wages can also indicate that an employer values their team highly, no matter how junior the position. If everything clicks into place, it could prove a very fulfilling job—and an excellent starting place to move up the company as you develop your career.”


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