April 25, 2024


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How Tech like Zoom helps Freelancers:

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People chose to freelance for a variety of reasons, and the uppermost reason in the thinking of many is freedom of work. While freelancing is most certainly not for everyone, for those that do successfully pivot from a traditional 9-to-5 job environment, they have found that technology offers them even more support than ever before in helping to complete work and tasks.

Freelancing encompasses a range of services industries. From IT to human resources, to auditors, and graphic designers, finding a specialist to help your business grow is easier than ever before. Which one’s offer the best services for your needs? Read reviews of these services and more from customers who share their real-world experiences and feedback on platforms such as Reviews Bird so you know what to expect from them.

The novel coronavirus pandemic’s sweep affected many millions of people around the world and disrupted businesses and incomes. Freelancers were hardest hit by these, but there is a silver lining: they have created technologies since Lockdown to make it easier for people to get their work done than ever before.


A few years ago, Zoom wasn’t invented. This teleconferencing app has transformed the way businesses communicate: from staff meetings to presentations to client meetings, Zoom is the go-to app. This cloud-based videoconferencing system and service allows people to meet in virtual spaces through video or audio-only calls. You can record the sessions to view later, too. More than 50 percent of Fortune 500 companies use Zoom on a daily basis. For freelancers, embracing this technology means they can still conduct their meetings with clients, complete projects, and conduct their business – but all from the comfort of their home offices.


While not a new platform such as Zoom, Slack has been around for a while to offer a reliable and trustworthy tool for freelancers. This is a communication tool that connects people working together on a project – and allows them to use separate channels for specific functions and aspects of projects. Here a person can assign tasks, upload work, and host live chats. It replaces e-mail and cloud-hosting services for an integrated approach.


Invoicing and other contract administrative functions are tedious and sometimes difficult to keep track during busy period. Bonsai is a contract creation and invoicing app that makes it super easy for freelancers to create contracts with clients, create invoicing templates, and fill out invoices in just a few minutes each month.


Creating quick, stylish content for social media platforms is often time consuming. Conva helps you to create illustrations and graphics in a few seconds instead of hours and many drafts. It makes the sting of designing multiple designs for content across different platforms easier and less taxing, freeing up freelancers’ time to perform more in-depth tasks where their specialities are more needed.


Behance is a platform designed and developed specifically for freelance designers, illustrators, photographers and other creative types. It is not only a place to showcase your projects, but offers freelancers the opportunity to collaborate with other artists on the platform and to create improved projects for clients. Photographers can work with photo re-touchers in a more cohesive manner, illustrators with designers, and where people can find items to buy for their projects and work.




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