December 1, 2023


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Helpful Tips For A Product Liability Claim

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Each social media platform has its own unique set of features and characteristics, and these features appeal to a certain group of people. Despite the diversity of these platforms, they all have a common trait, and that’s connection. For users, these platforms are an avenue to socialize and get support and encouragement from friends at various times.

Lots of people turn to social media for various needs, and often times one of such needs usually entails voicing your displeasure from using a defective or faulty product. Irrespective of what social media platform you use, you are most likely inclined to get advice and comfort from your online connections.

If you have plans to file a product liability claim, sometimes it is advisable to stay offline till you resolve the case. However, there are those who might find it difficult to disable their accounts temporarily. If you find yourself in such position, kindly make do with the following tips;


Update your privacy settings

Turn your public settings to private. If your profiles are visible to the general public, you can change your settings so that only friends or followers can access them. This adds another layer of coverage to anyone who would want to monitor your presence online, and it will make it difficult for the insurance adjuster to monitor your activities.


Don’t Accept Connection Requests You Don’t Recognize

You have to employ a cautious approach when it comes to accepting new connection requests. Strangers are likely to send out connections to you while your case is under review, and in some situations, it could be possible that they are working for the other side.

Check your connections to see if anyone is an insurance adjuster and be concerned of new connections.


Do not update your recovery

Lots of people re so quick to jump online and post about their recovery. You should avoid posting about your recovery by all means necessary. You can tell your friends by word of mouth, and you necessary do not need to give a big update online. Remember, the opposition is always watching, and they might read meanings to your post without you even realizing it.

Generally, you should be cautious about what you post online, most notably about your life. You can never tell what harm that “innocent post about having dinner with your buddies” can do to your claim.


Let your close friends know about your pending case

It is crucial you let your friends and family know about your pending case early enough. You can also tell them not to tag you on any of their posts during the review process of your claim. What’s more, you can ask them to update their privacy settings for the duration of the case. This will make it difficult for the insurance adjuster to monitor you and your activities using your friends, family, and other third party connections.


Employ these helpful tips, and do not hesitate to utilize them when next you have a pending case.



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