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Examples of How to Make Paper Lecture Nice, Right and Good

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Paper is a summary of the research that we make, in other words the same paper with the thesis, just quick and not as detailed as a research thesis. According to the standard paper typically written to 6 pages.

So for example thesis or research that we are doing there is page after page, we simply distill them into six pages, but the purpose and intent remains to be delivered.

Paper is generally written in two columns (columns), but sometimes also written into one column to the terms of the course depends on the call for paper itself.


Paper is also commonly written with letters Times New Roman with font size 10, it also depends on the requirements of the call for papers, but the standard commonly used is the font size to 10.

Speaking of the paper, we had also got to know about the call for papers.

Call for papers is an announcement that will be held seminar paper, this announcement is usually done by certain institutions such as universities or from a recognized institution to organize a seminar paper.

So we have to carefully choose which place we would insert paper. On the call for papers is described on paper requirements (subject, composition, typeface and its size, even until the deadline of collection and registration fee) there are all in the call for papers.

Well, to understand better and exactly how to create a research paper. Here is an explanation of how to manufacture paper is good and right.
Definition Paper

Before we talk about how to make paper, it helps us know in advance about what the paper itself. Understanding of the actual paper is paper. While that distinguishes it as the objectives and the elements in it.

When compared with the usual paper, on paper more elements.

Most people make the paper as one of the work to complete the task of lectures given by professors in order to meet and know the level of knowledge students gained from learning in certain subjects.

Paper can be regarded as one of the scientific papers that have close relations in education. Sometimes we equate the paper with the paper. Though the difference is actually a lot of paper and paper.

Well, to get to know and learn more about the paper, on this occasion we discussed the things that need to be considered in how to make paper so that the paper can be a good and correct later. Immediately, the following descriptions.

Elements Paper

In this case, the element of paper grouped into three categories that have usability and functionality respectively, essentially contains things like the following, and it is possible to slip the other parts that are considered important:

1. Title and Author Name

At every scientific paper would have been there whose name the identity of the authors. I think it is not necessary I explained further, because I thought you would have to understand about this.

2. Abstract

The abstract contents or a summary of the whole paper that has been created, but it summed up thus becoming one paragraph long and generally need to meet one page abstract to be very concise and clear.

3. Introduction

Introduction Introduction or in a paper pad typically contains written outline of the issues to be reviewed, on a paper only contains a brief description of the issue or matter to be reviewed, why and what purpose in the problem.

Typically contain things like the following:

Clear description of the problem and the purpose of making paper.
Show or tell why this issue is important, interesting and challenging to be discussed (motivation).
Slightly short review and clear on previous research, so that it becomes the basis of the study (scope).
Indicate gaps or problems found in previous studies, in order to be a question that will be completed later in the study.
Write clearly, the proposed solution (proposed approach) and how these solutions can solve the problems mentioned above (solution).
Write globally generated discoveries that (result).
Then write the structure of writing some of the next section (outline).

4. Related Research

Usually a paper is no discussion about some of the previous studies that serve as a reference to the underlying pieces of literature in making paper.

5. Methodology

A paper properly there should be discussion about what the methodology and its function in the manufacture of scientific work.

Generally described with a chart or an image as a destination in order to facilitate the reader in understanding the contents of the paper. Explain also a description of each part of the image, if any.

6. Experiment and Results

This is an important part of a paper, including data about the experiment, an experiment or research that we have been working towards something like the data to be used, the amount of data, sources and so forth.

It took a bit of accuracy is good, because some of the fundamental things that will be outlined in a paper.

7. Troubleshooting

Solving this point a few things or issue that you want to say from the studies that have been done.

All contains some interesting ideas or ideas on an issue menganai what is to be conveyed to the readers, usually in the form of opinions or suggestions.

8. References

Do not forget to include any reference and where all that helps you in making paper. You must provide clear information about the source or reference obtained.

Included in the list of related paper work, book or resource that has helped in completing the study.

For college thesis proposal simply use point No. 1, 3, 4, 5 and 8. In the methodology to be clearer about the inputs and outputs on each process. But generally been adapted to the given template of each university itself.

Well, for you who have a duty to make paper, either to be collected as a college assignment or publication. There is no harm to try this sharing to our website, our academic example : let america be america again or may also be consulted by the author of the article that paper that you create can be completed properly.

Thus the article about how the example how to create a college paper is good and right. Hopefully, easy to learn and rewarding.


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