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Three Reasons to Hire an Attorney After a Car Accident

Car accidents can happen so quickly that you may find yourself dazed and wondering what happened after going through one. Someone can hit you from behind while you’re waiting at a red light or back into you as you drive through a parking lot. No matter how serious the accident was, there are three key reasons to talk to an attorney.

Medical Bills

The most important reason to hire an attorney is because of the medical bills that you will face. Police officers who arrive on the scene may call an ambulance and have you transported to the hospital. If you don’t have health insurance, the cost of that ride and the doctors you see as well as any tests they run will come out of your own pocket. An attorney can settle with the responsible driver’s insurance to get you compensation for those bills. 

Lost Wages

Many people are just one or two paychecks away from losing their comfort and stability. If you are in an accident that keeps you from working for a few days or several weeks, you not only lose out on the money you would have made, but you may risk losing your job too. The top personal injury attorneys in your area can get you compensation for those lost wages. You may get enough money to pay all your bills until you get back up and running again or until you find another job, for more information: Mazda MX-5 Personal Lease

Ongoing Battles

With an accident attorney Ocala FL residents can get help during ongoing legal battles too. The person who struck you may not have any insurance or may not have enough insurance to cover all your bills and costs. Your attorney can file a lawsuit and prove to the judge that … Read More ...

Read Here To Find Out More About One Of New York’s High-Powered Civil Attorneys

Civil litigation is the means by which most persons can claim some measure of justice for damages inflicted by the careless or malicious actions of others. Experienced litigators are able to win for their clients millions of dollars annually for such cases. Every time any ordinary person suffers an unjust loss, injury, or outrage inflicted by a person in power, there is a sense of violation. Civil attorneys take up the cause of setting things right again for them and their families and bring about as much judicial redress as possible.

One Such Attorney

To learn about one such attorney, read here about Mr. Benedict Morelli. In the course of a long career before the New York Bar, he has been one of the most successful civil attorneys in practice today. But beyond the mere record of his legal practice, there is the expertise he offers to the public through the media. Mr. Morelli is regularly featured on television news, in opinion columns, and news articles covering some of the more notorious civil cases coming to trial and the legal issues involved.

Expert Opinion And Commentary

In a recent story for the New York Daily News, Mr. Morelli is interviewed regarding the United Airlines passenger forcibly dragged off his flight. He explains how Dr. David Dao is likely to win a huge judgment against United and the airport security police resulting from physical injury and humiliation inflicted by the security officers involved. In an article written by Mr. Morelli for Huffpost, he explains how the failure of companies to adopt firm policies against sexually inappropriate behaviors represents their failure to keep up with developments in the law and society. As a result, employees continue to be victimized and companies continue to be the subject of costly litigation.

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