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Don’t Be the Victim of a Boating Accident

With lots of warm sunshine, crystal clear waters, and a comfortable year-round climate, Florida is home to thousands of people who love boating. Throughout the year, Florida’s waterways are filled with power boats and jet skis, house boats, even kayaks and canoes. Unfortunately, in Florida areas like Tampa where boating is such a popular past time, there are also significant numbers of boating accidents seen by a lawyer Pasco County.When boats are used for recreational purposes, boating accidents often include high-speed collisions which result in severe injuries and fatalities. When boats collide with each other or other objects in the water at high speeds, the risks of fire and explosion are much greater. Boats are likely to sink rather quickly, leaving passengers aboard the boat struggling to survive. In high-speed collisions many people die from severe injuries such as amputated limbs; head and brain trauma; electrocution and burns; hypothermia; and drowning.

According to statistics from the United States Coast Guard, there were more than 4,000 boating accidents in 2014, which accounted for approximately 2,700 serious injuries, 615 deaths, and close to $40 million in property damages. Accident investigations show that a high percentage of these boating accidents could have been prevented. Many were caused by common driver errors that significantly increase boating accident risks including:

* Excessive speed

* Reckless driving

* Driver inexperience

* Driver inattention

* Failure to yield to other watercraft

* Alcohol and/or drug use

* Boat equipment failure

* Inclement weather

Unfortunately on many Florida waterways, the use of alcohol and/or drugs play a significant role inĀ  boating accidents, especially with teenagers and young adults on recreational watercraft like high-powered ski boats and jet skis. Combining boating with alcohol and/or drugs is never a good idea. It’s a dangerous combination that can result … Read More ...

How to operate an electric bike?

For those unfamiliar with the idea, electric bikes are a strange concept. We get a lot of people coming into the shop that never goes up, and we’re happy to drive them to the bike to experience it live. However, for those of you who do not have a shop nearby, this page hopes to be a reference for what it feels like to ride and have an electric bike, for detail electric motor indonesia
At first glance, most electric bikes look pretty simple. They are motors with motors, controllers, and batteries installed. However, the magic is how power is delivered. While it may have an electric moped from your dreams, many of the better e bikes do not have throttle to manually control the motor. Instead, a more advanced system uses a combination of sensors to feed power as you pedal. Well-written and calibrated software in the controller drastically determines the feel of riding one of these bikes, and is easy to tell when it’s done properly. However, even on some less sophisticated systems, electric bikes are a real experience that reminds us of your best life forms.
Nothing amazing to ride this bike. Many people find good intuition, and within a few minutes drive, you can say that it’s as natural to them as any other bike. This bike is not for those who do not want to do some work. With different levels of help, it is possible to shift from exhausting drills to super-human speeds to avoid traffic and climbing hills. Many bikes still require a lot of pedals to keep high speed uphill, but the ability to do it faster allows the overall experience more enjoyable.
Most electric bikes are charged at night, and with different power and battery systems, they can provide assistance as … Read More ...