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Career Aptitude Test: Aptitude Test Back For Std X Students From Next Year | Pune News

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Career Aptitude Test: Aptitude Test Back For Std X Students From Next Year | Pune News
Pune: The career aptitude test for secondary school certificate (SSC, Std X) students will be reintroduced in 2024.
Students will be given a set of questions based on streams and their inclination towards certain fields that would determine their future.
The aptitude testwas discontinued five years ago after a third-party private company which conducted it received objections from many stakeholders.Now, the education department has employed a government team of academia to design the test.
Minister of school education Deepak Kesarkar told TOI on Thursday that the pandemic had interrupted the career counselling aptitude test.
“We will soon begin this exam and train more than 40,000 teachers in Maharashtra. About 27,000 will be trained by the month-end. In the first phase, two lakh students will take this test,” he said.
Maharashtra State Council of Education Research and Training officials said that the test will help students to make some decisions regarding their careers after passing Std X.
A senior official at MSCERT said, “Currently, there is no test available at the government level which can test the skills of students. There are tests available with private companies, but poor students cannot afford them.”
The tests checked students’ aptitude in seven streams arts, commerce, technical, health sciences, uniformed services, agriculture and fine arts.
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