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Benefits of Drinking Green Tea Mixed Lime

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Here are some of the benefits of lemon-mixed tea, and for detail : tea benefit for health
1. Overcoming Elements

Allergic drinks one of them is by drinking this green tea. Because the content of green tea in the form of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is a type of compound that protects and combat toxins and bacterial in the body.

The function of these compounds as an allergy-generated protector by pollen and by the aid of polyphenols in green tea.
2. Eye Drugs

The benefits of green tea mix lemon is not as a drug, in addition to green tea carrots are believed to keep our eyes healthy. Not only that, according to research in green tea there is also the content of antioxidants that can penetrate the eye, especially on the network, so that these antioxidants can work according to function.

Another study of one type of antioxidant that catechins can also provide a good effect for the eyes. Which of course will minimize the occurrence of eye disease, especially cataracts that result in blindness. So that the eye health system will always be awake by consuming green tea canpur lemon this.
3. Colette Reduction Solution

Benefits of green tea mix lemon you will get by drinking it. That is able to lower levels of cholesterol pal is caused by consuming oily foods. If this cholesterol not addressed immediately, will cause the arrival of heart disease.

By reducing oily food and replace it with green tea mixed lemon will be able to mengatsi and lower cholesterol slowly. Especially the total serum cholesterol and LDL that harm the body.
4. As a Healthy Gum and Teeth

Many are prejudiced that the frequency of drinking tea inclined side effects for the color of our teeth, but the facts provide the opposite is the teeth will look clean, especially oral hygiene, that’s the fact about the benefits of lemon blend tea.

Research in 2009 Journal of Periodontology provides a record of the properties of green tea that we put in the body will fight bacteria like periodontal that will damage our teeth, thus providing cavities. One of these causes is due to the bacteria.
5. As an Anti-Cancer of the Mouth

For those of you who are still in doubt and in question the benefits of tea mix lemon can read and directly consume this tea. Namely as a pain relief of pancreatic cancer and oral cancer that will arise. No other EGCG antioxidant faucet can kill cells through mitochondria. One of the herbal remedies for preventing cancers of the mouth is by drinking this lemon-lime tea.
6. As Sun Light Protector

If you want resistant skin to withstand the heat of UV light, now green tea with catechin substances that will reduce the risk of premature aging and prevent the skin hard and red quickly if stung by UV rays.

Of course at least drink 1 cup of lemon juice mixed tea that can minimize the UV radiation on your skin.

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