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Bally’s Donates $5 Million to CCRI for New Gaming and Hospitality Programs

Bally’s Donates  Million to CCRI for New Gaming and Hospitality Programs
Bally’s Donates $5 Million to CCRI for New Gaming and Hospitality Programs

Bally’s Corporation has announced a generous donation of $5 million to the Community College of Rhode Island (CCRI) to establish new curriculum in the fields of hospitality, gaming, and security industries. This initiative comes shortly after the state of Rhode Island legalized iGaming, with Bally’s actively supporting the legislation.

The programs offered by CCRI will encompass a range of subjects, including casino operations, dealer training, slot technology, cyber security, and iGaming operations. iGaming, which allows residents over the age of 21 to play remotely at existing game tables using computers and phone apps, is projected to generate around $38 million per year for the state’s budget.

In addition to these courses, CCRI students will also have the opportunity to take classes in hotel management and culinary arts. All of the new programs are expected to be available to students starting in the fall of 2024. The goal of this collaboration between Bally’s and CCRI is to create a skilled workforce that can meet the demands of existing jobs, particularly those at Bally’s.

The announcement of the $5 million donation was made at a press conference on CCRI’s campus, attended by Governor Dan McKee, Senate President Dominick Ruggerio, and CCRI Interim President Rosemary Costigan. Governor McKee emphasized the significance of the donation, calling it the largest gift in CCRI’s history. He expressed his commitment to improving education and increasing earnings for Rhode Island residents, and saw this partnership as a vital step towards achieving these goals.

Former CCRI President Meghan Hughes spoke about the importance of this collaboration, highlighting the financial challenges faced by community colleges and the need for support from private entities like Bally’s. Rosemary Costigan, CCRI’s interim president, stated that the new programs were developed through a collaborative effort between Bally’s and CCRI. She also mentioned the possibility of creating simulated classroom environments to prepare students for careers in hospitality and entertainment.

Soo Kim, Chairman of Bally’s Corporation, described the donation as an investment in developing a pipeline for new employees. He emphasized the growing demand for skilled workers in the hospitality, gaming, and leisure industries and the need to address this shortage. Kim expressed enthusiasm for the partnership between Bally’s and CCRI, stating that it was a mutually beneficial endeavor.

This donation from Bally’s to CCRI marks a significant milestone in the college’s history and demonstrates the commitment of both organizations to fostering education and creating opportunities for students in Rhode Island.

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