March 1, 2024


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Bally’s Begins Hiring For Chicago Temporary Casino Site

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Bally’s Begins Hiring For Chicago Temporary Casino Site

Without people a casino is just a bunch of gaming devices sitting in a building. Bally’s, which plans to open a temporary casino amid construction on its permanent facility in Chicago, took a step toward converting a building with gaming devices into a casino on Wednesday.

Bally’s announced it has begun accepting applications for multiple positions for its temporary casino on Wednesday. However, what exactly that means for people who want to visit the property instead of work inside of it remains unclear.

Bally’s is hiring for its temporary Chicago casino

According to posts on several social media outlets Wednesday, Bally’s is ready to begin hiring in the Second City. As of Wednesday afternoon, the company’s job site listed more than 40 open positions for its temporary casino.

The complement of available jobs includes various customer-facing and internal operational positions. People with experience in finance, food service, hospitality, human resources, logistics, public relations, security, and many more fields can find suitable opportunities among the listings.

Naturally, the casino also seeks people to run its gaming operations like dealers and floor supervisors. The temporary casino will be located at the Medinah Temple in downtown Chicago.

Currently, there is no firm timeline for when Bally’s might open the facility. However, original prognostications are looking ever more achievable.

Original timeline looking more concrete now

When gambling regulators in Illinois issued a license for Bally’s to operate a temporary casino at the Medinah Temple, Bally’s said it wanted to open the facility in time for the calendar to turn from June to July. However, there have been no official updates since early February.

The fact that Bally’s has started hiring for many pivotal roles in the casino’s operation on May 3 leans toward that timeline. That gives Bally’s nearly two months to scrutinize candidates, make decisions and provide training.

The announcement of open positions means Bally’s is proceeding, regardless of a lack of official updates. For that reason, a late June opening remains possible. If everything goes according to plan, the Medinah Temple casino will offer:

  • 50 gaming tables
  • 800 slot machines
  • Beverage and food service

Bally’s plans to keep the three-story casino open 24/7. It will serve as a placeholder in the city until the permanent site, in Chicago’s River West neighborhood, opens. Right now, Bally’s projects that to occur sometime in 2026.

Interested people don’t have to wait until 2026 to check out job openings for Bally’s in Chicago, though. Dozens of those positions are open now.


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