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About The UK Solicitors Regulation Authority

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The Solicitors Regulation Authority or SRA regulates solicitors and law firms for both England and Wales. It mainly serves to protect the public by providing standards and regulations for legal professionals to uphold. They also act when any risks are found.

The profession in England and Wales is made up of large firms with global presences as well as smaller, single-solicitor operations. Solicitors also work in companies, the government and within the justice system. The SRA helps them all follow the legal codes of conduct.

Any individuals or firms regulated by the SRA makes up the biggest part of the legal market. The SRA is proud of the work it does because of the reach most global firms have across the globe and not just across the UK. Their work impacts the UK, the world, and the future.

The Authority continues to break through all bureaucracy to reform regulations and standards. They have improved their reach to consumers so that a true path to change has occurred in the legal sector. The public, as well as professional solicitors, have helped the Authority devise the regulations for becoming a solicitor, create a register of law firms and created a comprehensive code of rules. The Authority has created a brief handbook which is available online.

The SRA’s Mission

Today’s SRA wants its work to be more efficient and fast. The staff has been trained to hold up corporate values and to be fair and inclusive in all they do. The main objective continues to be to keep inflationary causes at bay so law firm costs are more accessible to people everywhere.

The belief of the Authority is for members of the public and companies of any size to have affordable legal services that meet all their needs. There must be an open and competitive economy in law but it should also be one that lets people access the right help that they need for the right price. No person should have to be denied legal representation because of money issues.

Who the SRA Serves

The SRA offers information and guidance for law professionals and customers alike. Law professionals find the SRA handbook online is an informative guide to rules and regulations that they must follow. They may also apply for authorization or notify the Authority if they are closing their firm. Compliance officers can find the information they need and anyone who needs more information about what to do when a firm is investigated will find that on the Authority website.

Customers appreciate having access to tips on how to choose a solicitor. They can look up a solicitor’s standing and find out if any complaints have been filed against them prior to hiring them. This is a time saver and a huge help for any consumer who has never hired a solicitor before.

Problems arise at times and the Authority is there to make it easy for consumers to resolve any problems that they have with their solicitor. If a customer feels they were not delivered the quality of work they were promised, or the firm did not honor their contract, a consumer can proceed with having the Authority file a claim. The Authority may also begin an investigation.

Students of law will also find plenty of information about what is needed to qualify as an English or Welsh solicitor. Universities can also refer to the Authority for the requirements for becoming a Legal Practice Course or LPC Provider. The Solicitors Regulation Authority in the UK protects those who practice law, those who depend on these professionals and those looking to be solicitors in the future.

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