September 21, 2023


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6 OOTD Oversize Hijab T-shirts That You Can Follow

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Women often look for OOTD inspiration for oversized hijab t-shirts that can be used every day. This oversized display can be combined with a variety of other selected items. Moreover, if you like a tomboyish look, the contemporary oversized OOTD shirt can cover your genitals and be your choice.

As time goes by, hijab is becoming a trend and is becoming more flexible to mix and match with various fashion items. Not only cover your genitals, you can still look fashionable and cool with a hijab. For those who like boyish fashion models, you don’t need to worry, because you can apply that style in your everyday outfit. Hijab If styled correctly, this casual t-shirt material can display a beautiful and simple look. Instead of being confused about combining them, let’s take a peek at the OOTD inspiration for an oversized hijab shirt that you can cheat. Listen below, yes!

1. Oversized t-shirt and long-sleeved shirt combined with denim
Who has lots of denim pants at home? Let’s take a peek at this first OOTD recommendation. You can look for oversized shirts with short sleeves. After that, you can layer a long-sleeved shirt or cuffs first to combine with an oversized shirt.
As shown in the picture, you can combine it with denim jeans. Denim jeans are the best choice when you are thinking about what pants to match. Denim will display your OOTD that looks simple, but still elegant.
2. Oversized T-shirts and plaid shirts 
You can make great combinations, especially if you’re a plaid flannel lover! You can tuck your oversized t-shirt first and then continue with a plaid shirt of your choice. You can wear it by unbuttoning a few buttons on your shirt or unbuttoning all buttons. Unisma This suit shows your casual look, but still relaxed. You can combine it with sneakers, heels or boots to use according to your needs.
3. Oversized T-shirt with culottes 
You can combine an oversized shirt with culottes as a bottom. You can choose denim, polyester, drill, or cotton for everyday use. After that, you can combine it with white sneakers as a neutral and simple color choice.
4. Monochrome oversized T-shirt OOTD 
Another OOTD inspiration that you can follow is to wear a monochrome suit. You can combine black and white with your own style. However, if you have a high waist and body, you can tuck an oversized t-shirt into your bottom. This style is best suited for women with high waists, as tucking in a t-shirt accentuates the waist on your body. Hijab This look gives the illusion of a smaller waist and a slimmer look.
5. Oversized t-shirt with sweatpants
For those of you who like sports, but want to look trendy, you can follow this inspiration. You can mix your oversized t-shirt with sweatpants. You can complete this look with sneakers and a sling bag.
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