April 12, 2024


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4 Things to Keep in Mind Before Attending a Job Fair

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Job fairs are a common thing nowadays and many companies come to such fairs that normally run between the months of January and May. If you are a job seeker then attending such fairs can be beneficial. Here you can find all types of jobs whether it is IT, manufacturing, services or in some other stream and you can apply for the one that you desire.

Here are few tips that are to be kept in mind before attending any job fair.

  1. Research Well in Advance

Hundreds of companies come to a job fair and it is not possible to reach out to all of them. So, research in advance which you want to touch base with. This will help you in making a good impression when you meet their representatives at the fair as you can come prepared according to their requirements for a particular position.

      2. Great Networking Opportunity

Job fairs provide a great networking platform and are not just a place to give the resume. Suppose you are looking for Microsoft Dynamics AX Jobs, but currently there is nothing available in it. You can still go and talk. You might get leads regarding whom to contact, who is leading a particular stream etc. that can help you follow up with them directly. Thus, it can work as a platform where you can approach an employer even if they are not recruiting for a job you want at the fair. The key here lies in engaging in a fruitful conversation by asking insightful questions so that the person remembers you in the crowd.

      3. Sell Yourself

There will be hundreds of employers and thousands of job seekers. You should come prepared with a perfect crisp pitch on how you are unique, skilful and experienced to help the company realise its goals if they hire you.

  1. Go Well Dressed

Sometimes on-the-spot interviews happen at such fairs, so never go shabbily dressed. In fact, you should attend a job fair dressed in the way you would have gone for an interview along with few copies of your resume in hand. When you introduce yourself, you should have the right body language, facial expression, handshake, eye contact and voice. Also, be prepared to face some typical job questions like “Why do you want to work for us?” or “Why should we hire you?”

Job fairs provide excellent opportunities and attending them with some prior preparation will further brighten your chances to get the desired job.


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