December 2, 2023


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10 Slot Machine facts you don’t know but should

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For the last couple of years, slot machines industry has become very popular. For some people, it is a certain way of an entertainment whereas for others it is a way to earn additional money or the so-called bread and butter. Therefore, if you a keen and passionate gambling fan then you should definitely know the following 10 facts about slot machines.

  1. Time spent on a device – when manufacturers develop new one-arm-bandits they play a lot of attention to the average time a player spends gambling at this or that slot. And the ground for that is simple – it is possible to predict the profitability of a gaming session depending on a time.
  2. 85{2630e7361b9b5af0aebfabdc08e0d575e4f32e21720cde6331bb78490b4c7035} revenue – when slots first appeared, they were popular only among women and elderly people, whereas men were into blackjack and craps. That’s why slots were not bringing that much profit compared to other table or card games. Nevertheless, about a decade ago, the situation has changed dramatically with slots sphere giving casinos as much money as all other games taken together (85{2630e7361b9b5af0aebfabdc08e0d575e4f32e21720cde6331bb78490b4c7035}).
  3. Jackpots – there are thousands of different slots both online and in real world that can be even played for free e.g. book of ra free online, magic wheel, megabucks, treasures of Egypt and many others. These are machines, playing which absolutely everyone has a chance to become a millionaire. That’s why if it is your main goal then check a slot you choose for a progressive jackpot feature.
  4. Past and present – no need denying that modern slot machines have very few common features with the first one-arm bandits. Nowadays, they are technologically developed, with multiple features, options and functions, can be played from any device, have the best graphics, based on various themes, etc.
  5. 41 legal states– currently, slots are legalised in 41 US state. Despite this fact, one can easily find unregulated gambling machines at such places as bars, gas stations, pubs and even restaurants. They are called “amusement devices” instead of slots to not break the law.
  6. Japan vs. the US – America gives its gambling leadership to Japan – a country with around 5 million slots games compared to the US only 800.000.
  7. Locals vs. tourists – it is true that gambling machines are more popular with local citizens rather than tourists. According to the statistics, the population of the Sin City only grows due to gambling opportunities, especially when taking into account that 2/3 of Las Vegas residents tend to gamble on a regular basis.
  8. Addiction – casinos offer a wide range of games, yet those who play slots get addicted to this industry 3 or 4 times faster.
  9. Online vs. offline – the way machines work in online and offline casinos is absolutely the same: the same random number generator is used. The only difference is that you play from the comfort of your home through the Internet.
  10. No strategies/ no tactics – playing slots one shouldn’t create any winning strategies or systems because they simply don’t and will never work. Wins in slots is a matter of luck and fortune.
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