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How Safe is the APK Download?

Android and iOS are known to be the biggest and most popular platforms used for running a smart phone. As for those who want customization and control of their device, many have opted to go for the Android platform. The search for new and cool apps that can then make the phone more function just never ends. Directly downloading free apps from the playstore is basically the fastest way to fill up your smart phone with apps.

Everyone today knows that Google owns playstore, which is basically a marketplace that’s filled with all kinds of interesting and cool apps from utilities like calculators, themes, games or even apps for entertainment which is readily available for download. Most of these apps are offered for free however, if you want to use its premium features, you may have to pay to upgrade it.

The difference with the traditional software is that, there’s no need to actually download the files and have to install the app on your phone. Having access to playstore is extremely easy since the only thing you need to do is create a Google account and you’re done. Thing is, not everyone is able to check out Android playstore like for instance, there are smart phones that come without playstore preinstalled in the device. But don’t worry as there’s a simple fix to this and it is via APK download.
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APK files work the same concept as to how the .exe files do whether you believe it or not. You’re certainly familiar with .exe files if you have a computer in your house that is running on Windows OS. It’s being used to launch the installer of the software most of the time. The APK files basically work the same thing. If you want to install software to your android device for instance, you have to launch the APK file through the file browser. Well of course, you need to enable first the “Unknown Sources” in the settings.
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You’re not permitted to do APK download and then install it to your phone right away because for security reasons, there is a possibility that the files might contain viruses. For example, unofficial app might be buggy that it is the reason why your device is crashing every now and then. This is without a doubt an event that you don’t want to happen. Make it a point that the files are only from trusted sources when doing APK download. Then again, there are some developers who are willing to try the installation and will be posting the results in their blogs or in forum websites.