Tips For Purchasing Lanyards

Lanyards are a small but useful accessory that companies purchase for two main reasons. Many companies ask their employees to display their ID badge on a lanyard. They may also use branded lanyards as give-aways to customers. Lanyards are a useful product, and they can serve as long-lasting reminders of the company’s brand. When selecting lanyards for either one of these purposes, a company should consider the following.


Lanyards are generally made from cotton, nylon, or polyester, and they range in width from 3/8 of an inch to 1 inch. They are usually 36 inches long. While cotton is the softest material, the synthetic blends tend to be somewhat longer lasting. In addition to flat, narrow straps, lanyards can be made of rope, beads, braid, or even tubes. Some lanyards have a fastener at the top that breaks away easily to prevent accidental choking.


In addition to colors, lanyards can be printed with a corporate logo or other design. Many lanyard-printing businesses offer in-house design services. Usually designers will talk with the client about the image and colors he or she would like to see on the lanyard, and then the designer will use computer software to design and print a mock-up for the client’s approval. A custom-designed lanyard can look like a big ticket item that will impress VIP clients, but in reality, the services are often free.


A lanyard is almost always used to hold something, whether it’s an ID badge, a set of keys, or a flash drive. Consequently, the attachments are another important feature. Commonly used attachments include ID card holders, clips, grippers, key rings, swivel hooks, and trigger hooks. A good attachment should be the right fit for the lanyard’s purpose in addition to being unlikely to break. Also, it’s important to consider how easily the object can be detached from the lanyard. If a lanyard is holding keys, or a flash drive, for example, it may be preferable to have an attachment that is easy to release. However, an ID badge should probably stay together with its lanyard for as long as possible.

Lanyards are best purchased in bulk because the companies who sell them often charge a lower price on bulk orders. This guide will give you more information about ordering lanyards.