Three Ways to Use Lanyards to Keep Your Event Secure

Event managers need to ensure everything runs smoothly the day or days of the event. Yet, this can be difficult to do because they’ll need to focus on the security of the event to ensure attendees, presenters, and everyone else is safe. Event managers who want to incorporate lanyards into the security of their event have a variety of ways to do this.

Use Lanyards for Holding Keys

Some of the rooms at the event building will need to be kept locked to ensure anything inside them is protected. Lanyards can hold keys and key cards for those who are authorized to enter the rooms so they can easily access the rooms whenever they need to. They won’t need to dig in their pockets or their wallet to find the key every time they need to go into one of the locked rooms.

Use Lanyards to Denote Security Personnel

Security personnel can all wear the same lanyards, even if they’re not in a security uniform, to make it easier for participants to find a help when they need it. When they all have the same color lanyard, especially if it has “security” written on it, it’s easier for the participants to know who they can turn to when they have questions or if something unexpected occurs.

Use Lanyards for Identification Cards

Lanyards are also perfect for holding identification cards. Presenters, security, and staff members can all have a different color lanyard and can easily attach their identification card so it’s easy to access if they need to leave and go back to the event, enter a secured area, or do anything else that might require identification. This will also make it easier for the attendees to spot a presenter or staff member for assistance when they need it.

Lanyards can be effective for event planners who are looking for more ways to secure their event. Take a look at some more Event Security Ideas today to learn more about how you can use lanyards and other items to ensure your event is secure for everyone involved. This could be what you’re looking for to easily and inexpensively boost the security for your event.