The Essential Laws of Education Explained

Importance of Learnerships

A leanership is the situation where a learner is studying while at the same time working in his/her respective field so as to acquire practical skills necessary in their field of work, such as information technology. Learnership programmes are aimed at exposing students to more experience about their course and therefore helping them to become aware of what is needed from them when they get employed in future. They are important because they lead to registered qualification, the certification does not only cover the technical areas but also account for life skills such as teamwork and communication

Before the beginning of the leadership programme, a contract is drawn up by the employer, the learner, and the learning provider to set the terms and conditions which will protect all the parties involved during the course of the programme. A learnership programme is aimed at transforming access to education, training and work while other strategies like the skills programme provides different training options which learners could access if the more comprehensive learnerships are not available. Learnership programmes are important because they help to improve the productivity of students who get practical skills that they can apply at places of work and therefore resources can be utilized fully. After a learnership programme and later on completion of the course being taken by the student, he/she is eligible for further studies but within the same field of specialization.

In some cases when a learner displays good attitude towards learning and understanding, the company offering the learnership programme may hire him/her after completion of the course because every employer would want a confident and independent employee. This program also ensures that more practical skills are gained by the learner so that he/she is more prepared to get into the outside world and make a difference through the application of the skills in different ways to real situations. It is also necessary for a student to undergo the learnership programme because they learn to be committed to their work by allowing them to personally interact with problems and try to solve them either alone or under supervision of an instructor and therefore they can be very valuable to a business when they apply the same skills at the job place. In the process of getting skills while undergoing a learnership program, the student gets to do a lot of practical activities in the field and since there are many students during a given time, the end result is that the company will benefit since most of its tasks are completed. In conclusion, the learnership programme helps an organization to identify hardworking individuals amongst the students and they can be hired to work, which is a very good idea because the students get attached to the organization in some way and will work effectively to meet their goals.