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Dental Health Facts You Don’t Know Yet

When it comes to the talk about dental health and dentists, it sure feels like there’s nothing interesting about them. While you probably are already aware about basic dental health things like maintaining oral hygiene and visiting the dental office regularly, there are actually several fun facts you still don’t know. This post is all about those fun facts.

1 – Chewing gum helps clean your mouth.

Not so fast though as we’re only talking about chewing sugar-free gum. With sugar-free gum, those food debris trapped in between your teeth right after a meal will be removed. Likewise, the act of chewing results to additional saliva production, which in turn helps in preventing tooth decay.
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2 – Celery can be utilized as a natural toothbrush.
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You probably already know that certain foods help in cleaning your teeth and the most popular ones are apples and carrots. Aside from those two, celery is an interesting alternative as it acts more like a natural toothbrush. Hence, munching on celery means cleaning your teeth along the way. Because it is abrasive, it naturally wipes off small food debris and plaque that stick to the teeth. However, it should be noted that no fruit or vegetable out there can replace the effectiveness of brushing your teeth the usual way.

3 – Though it is an important part of every dental routine, flossing is something that many people hate doing.

Quite interestingly, the survey found out that majority of its respondents would prefer doing household chores such as cleaning the toilet or washing the dishes instead of being required to floss every day. However, you should realize right about now that flossing teeth is essential because it gets rid of the stubborn food debris hiding in between your teeth and gums.

4 – Ask any dentist and they’ll tell that their patients don’t really tell the truth all the time.

To be fair to you though, you probably only lie about how you do your oral hygiene routine. This means that while you tell your dentist you do regular flossing and brushing, they can easily detect and figure out that you’re not really doing your job well.

5 – The gums are so soft and fragile that you need to give them double the protection you give your teeth.

You obviously have experienced bleeding gums before. This is why most dentists will recommend using toothbrushes with soft bristles so that your gums won’t get hurt or punctured and bleed when you’re brushing your teeth.

So those right there are some of the fun dental health facts you can add to your knowledge book. Remember that in maintaining good health for your teeth and gums, you need to do your part and don’t think for a second that it’s only the dentist’s job.