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How Electronic Cigarettes Help Smokers To Quit

For the record, vaping and smoking are two different things. Current adults who still want to keep their nicotine habit but at lower risks is the specific design principle of Ecigs or vaping. Vaping is using Vegetable Glycerin or Propylene Glycol based liquid that is mixed with little amounts of food grade flavoring and nicotine that is get vaporized in small battery powered atomizer, which simulate the experience of smoking. The created vapor is inhaled and then exhaled much like a real cigar smoke hence, it is coined as vaping and not smoking.

On the other hand, one important thing that you ought to know is that, vaping is not 100 percent safe and thus, there are associated risks when using it like smoking. Still, according to many health organizations and experts, vaping is still a lot safer to use compared to smoking and in fact, it is 95 percent safer.

Remember that electronic cigarettes as well as vaping are not designed to be a hundred percent safe. They’re tobacco harm reduction and as what mentioned earlier, they’re designed for adults to still enjoy their nicotine hit but at a reduced risk. And while this is not categorized as carcinogen nicotine in its pure raw form, remember that it’s still a poison and can increase your heart rate and blood pressure if used excessively.
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When talking about the hardware of electronic cigarettes they come in all sizes and shapes that range from devices that look just like a real cigar to bigger and more powerful devices. As for these bigger devices, it is using bigger battery and bit more care as well as know-how with their operation. In addition to that, they look nothing like a real cigar, which as you’ll find, the more the ecig looks like a cigar, the less satisfaction and performance you would get from it.
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If you are trying electronic cigars just for the experience of it or to use it as alternative way to quit on smoking, it will be ideal to go with a more compact size. Then after, move to bigger models gradually with more power.

The liquid juice is what vaporized in the e-cigars and is often categorized in milligrams of nicotine which range from 0 to 24mg. The stronger nicotine levels probably create stronger throat sensation that’s referred often as a throat hit. It is all in the user on what amount of nicotine they would like to use for vaping. On the other hand, it is highly advisable to start with low and slowly work your way up that’ll meet your nicotine cravings especially if this is the first time to use such.